Friday, February 13, 2009

Christmas Catch Up!!

Alright, I am officially horrible at blogging!! Although in my defense, I did leave my camera at my moms house since Christmas. :) This years Christmas was so much fun!! Maddie and Hailey are both at an age where everything is so exciting and fun, and they actually got the concept of Santa Clause and were not terrified of him. That makes it so much more enjoyable when all you do is wrap presents for 2 weeks straight!!! Their reactions to their presents were just so cute and sweet for the most part... Santa forgot to take our note we made him on the cookies, so we had to have a looong discussion with Hailey, who was just devastated mind you, explaining that Santa has to deliver a lot of toys so he sometimes forgets things...note to Santa next year, don't forget note!!

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