Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Fun...

Maddie and Hailey gettin ready to go to preschool to pass
out all their valentines...Too fun!!

The girls showing off their valentines boxes that they made
and daddy..

Fun friends excited to eat their candy!!

Maddie, Hailey and their friend "Baby Tayvee" at
our ward valentines party, aren't they cute??

Christmas Catch Up!!

Alright, I am officially horrible at blogging!! Although in my defense, I did leave my camera at my moms house since Christmas. :) This years Christmas was so much fun!! Maddie and Hailey are both at an age where everything is so exciting and fun, and they actually got the concept of Santa Clause and were not terrified of him. That makes it so much more enjoyable when all you do is wrap presents for 2 weeks straight!!! Their reactions to their presents were just so cute and sweet for the most part... Santa forgot to take our note we made him on the cookies, so we had to have a looong discussion with Hailey, who was just devastated mind you, explaining that Santa has to deliver a lot of toys so he sometimes forgets things...note to Santa next year, don't forget note!!

givin gramma chrispy loves on christmas morning

Cute daddy helping Hailey with her nail polish from santa

Maddie is obsessed with Hannah Montana right now so
naturally she now owns all hanna montana paraphanilila:)

Little miss lee lee and her new "Seepin booty"

funny story behind this pic. Maddie's first 3 presents she
opened were clothes, and she was NOT happy that Hailey was opening
toys and she was just getting clothes. So as soon as she opened this she
threw her hands up and said I got a toy!!!! (It helped that it
was a Hannah Montana toy)

Walking in to see if santa came at gramma becks house

Merry Christmas morning...arent we just a beautiful family
in plaid....

This is Hailey at her preschool christmas program...
For those of you who know my Hailey, she is definitely not a shy or quiet
person by any means. But look at that scowl!!! She did not want to be up there at all!!
She would not smile, sing or look up at us, and was on the verge of tears the
entire program. Talk about stage fright!!

My cute friends and I at the Polar express...

Usually this little one is always into some kinda trouble,
but doesn't she look so sweet and innocent here??

All the neighborhood kids on the polar express, Hailey is underneath maddie
if your wondering!!!

My cute girls loved meeting santa and Hailey couldn't wait to tell santa
that she finally mastered the art of going "potty and poopoo" in the
toilet like a big girl...Yes she is 31/2 years old, better late than never, right??

Talkin santas ear off!!!

My cute family on the Polar Express...My girls loved it, but it
was freezing on the train, so we had to stay bundled up

Can we say boy crazy?!?!?! She is only 4 years old and look
at her pose with her neighborhood friend... I am in so much
trouble with this one!!!!