Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay, I really shouldn't be sharing this, but I was talking to my friend and she informed me that this incident was SO blog worthy, but BIG disclaimer first: DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! So last week I had an appointment with my OB/GYN to get my i.u.d. taken out. I was not looking forward to it at all, because lets face it, it wasn't a picnic getting it in so I had a good idea as to how it would feel to be getting it out. Well, that week Steve and I decided to get sick with strep throat, and my poor Hailey had some kind of gunk, leaving Maddie to be the only healthy Barton around. My nice neighbor took Maddie for me as I was leaving for my appointment, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving a sick Hailey so I brought her with me. I THOUGHT I was being a good parent not inflicting my sick child on someone else. WRONG!! We get to the appt just me and Hailey- mind you I have packed up books, markers, treats, you name it I had it to keep her busy while mommy was getting her "business" taken care of. The nurse gets a little hospital gown out and tells me to undress and wait, so Hailey is coloring and I am waiting for the Dr to come. When she finally comes I find out that they had scheduled me for my yearly as well as my IUD removal, oh joy!!! At least I brought all these fun things for Hailey so she wont even notice, YEAH RIGHT!! As soon as the doctor puts me in my stirrups and turns the flashlight on Hailey is mesmerized. She would not move, she wouldn't stop staring at the doctor and me in "all my glory"!!!! I couldn't really move, so I told Hailey to come hold my hand to get her to stop staring down there, but she wouldn't budge!!!!! AWKWARD!!! The nurse tries to step in front of Hailey to block her view, but that doesn't stop my little Hailey, no no, she just stepped around her to get a better visual!!! The whole time I am just mortified thinking how am I going to explain this to my little girl? She is going to be scarred for life! My Dr probably wants to call child services on me for subjecting my baby to this mess!!! Well as soon as the Dr is done and leaves, wouldn't you know Hailey resumes coloring, acting as if nothing happened. I'm thinking great, crisis averted -whew! Well as I finish getting dressed and grab the diaper bag, Hailey stops and looks at the long flashlight and says, "mom don't you need to take this so you can look at your bumbum?" HELP!!! How do I respond to such a statement???At this point I am humiliated trying not to laugh and to cry, so I just say honey lets go get ice cream, and that was that. Deflection accomplished!!! Ahhh the joys of Motherhood....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Kids, Kids, and Kids!!!

Cute friends!! Hailey, Annie, and Maddie

Ok so Hailey is really asleep and Maddie is a good faker!! They look so sweet with their eyes closed!!

Ready for the snow!!

Yes taken in November!!! And no we didn't let them play outside in the 30 degree weather!!!!

We've got Hannah Montana and 2 witches!!!